A New Writing Endeavour

Why Hello There!

After recent years of writing thoughts, aspirations and day to day struggles in which I like to call my life a midst the private pages of my purple journal. I thought HEY! I’m sure there’s a ton of things that I’m currently experiencing amongst these all too confusing stages of early adulthood that other people would totally relate to as well!


So that’s me above. Kinda uncomfortable to look at, I know!

I’m 22 years old and still grasping what it truly means to be an adult in this big bad world that nobody truly warned or educated me about! Year 10 Algebra can SUCK IT.

I currently reside in East London (REPPIN) and there’s a story and a half about how I got here (to be shared eventually) – however my roots run deep in the land down under where animals are territorial and aggressive, bird season is something to be fearful of (yes September = Swooping season) AND  yeast extract is a national delicacy.

So why am I here? To purvey my story and share my struggles for other young adults to relate to and perhaps feel less bad about their life choices.

Veronica x


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