Columbia Road Flower Market

For those living or visiting London, I proudly and confidently recommend a visit to Columbia Road on a Sunday.

From about 8am until late afternoon you can entice yourself amongst an array of smell, colour and haggling marquees of flora enthusiast’s. This beautiful street of historical architecture located in the East End becomes atmospheric and well decorated Sunday after Sunday.

My first encounter with the markets came after an attack that had happened in London. I was really depressed and it played heavy on my anxiety so my boyfriend suggested we head to the markets to surround ourselves with good vibes, happy people and FLOWERS! COLOURFUL, EXOTIC FLOWERS!


Visiting this market and seeing the turn out of people made me realise how strong Londoners are. Not a single person in this atmospheric environment looked fearful, angry or sad. I had never seen so many smiles on a single street in my life and for a little while, I forgot about the horrible things that had happened to my newly found and much loved city.

Now the turn out to these markets never disappoints and you can expect to find yourself shuffling your feet at a very slow pace in a heavy crowd of plant-goers, where veering to a marquee to purchase or admire plants will somewhat be a challenge.  I definitely recommend a little patience and a lot of time to make your way from one end to the other. It’s not a long street but if you want to properly soak up and enjoy your Sunday foot shuffle of flowery sights and smells, I would definitely allow for at least an hour to do so.

Alongside the plants that fill the actual street, sit gorgeous buildings with hand made crafts, baked pastries, vintage vinyls and outfits, vegan friendly cafe’s as well as art and plant supply stores just waiting to be appreciated.

So if flowers isn’t your forte or you become bored with what the foot shuffling street of plants and flowers has to offer, there’s plenty of other admirable sights and experiences just waiting to be appreciated as well.

Columbia Road Flower Market is an appropriately fun environment for all ages and something i’m grateful for experiencing. It’s definitely a Sunday favourite and somewhere that has never disappointed me amongst my more than occasional visits of fun filled flower purchases and environmental appreciation.

Veronica x


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