Gothenburg, Sweden

Two friends and myself wanted to book a spontaneous post summer holiday before heading back to work in September of 2017.

We thought what better way to decide where to go than to head on to some of the cheapest airline websites and find super cheap flights abroad. (We weren’t too picky on the destination either)

Thanks to some more than affordable return tickets courtesy of Ryanair, we were all booked and ready to head to Gothenburg, Sweden. This was somewhere I had never been or better yet, somewhere I had never even heard of before this trip. EXCITING!

Our spontaneously quick trip abroad was low budget and memorable. So for all of you low cost loving travellers, heres a few ideas of things to do in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden…..on the cheap.


We made our way to London Stanstead Airport via coach ride which although is somewhat long, can be a cheaper way to get yourself to one of London’s many airports and is quite easy to catch from vast locations throughout London. Within a short but alcohol fuelled 2 hours, we landed safe, drunk and excited as ever at Gothenburg Airport Göteborg Landvetter Airport


Upon our first day, the three of us ventured up the beautifully gentle but challenging incline of Ramberget Mountain located on Hisingen Island in Gothenburg. This location seemed to be a tourist favourite as we were greeted by many other admiring tourists, amongst a lot of locals and their dogs. The top of this gentle mountain showcased a large lookout that really displayed a beautiful 360 degree view of Gothenburg, 87 metres above sea level.

Below the Mountain sat a family friendly park, Keillers Park. The park had playground’s, picnic friendly area’s and large spaces of green grass which is a real treat for city goers.

This mountainous experience was free, fresh and picturesque as well as a great way to be introduced to the beautiful city of Gothenburg and it’s surroundings.

If you’re an art lover like myself, I recommend visiting Gothenburg Museum of Art in the central city. This contemporary inspired museum is free for it’s viewers and really puts out. There’s an array of art work including it’s display of Nordic creativities as well as old and new Western pieces from famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

The museum itself is beautiful to look at and was built with Nordic influence which really shows. Its inside’s layout is vast and spacious and really allows for an art appreciator to spend some quality time footing around it’s large collection of display’s.

Something I really appreciated when visiting this museum, was its enormous display of different art pieces and eclectic styled rooms, all differently themed from the last. There was enough material amongst it’s 6 floors to keep me enthralled, interested and committed from start to finish.

Official Museum Website :

Somewhere I can’t wait to visit again is Haga – a distrcit within Gothenburg’s metropolitan area. Haga is full of wooden themed houses and quaint styled stores and cafe’s suitable for those who aren’t too fussed about their diet. (The temptations are endless)

A must when visiting this area is it’s giant cinnamon buns, or if you’re Swedish – Kanelbulle.

The three of us visited the very popular Cafe Husaren where we enjoyed a giant cinnamon bun which could easily feed a family of four. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a seat at this beautifully located corner cafe which displays it’s giant buns throughout it’s windows for all it’s passer goer’s to admire. Inside the cafe there are other tempting options of goodies such as tarts, giant cookies, small cakes or even whole cakes.


Haga’s cobblestoned streets aline itself with a lot of shopping. Niche home styled stores, floral cove’s, trendy clothing and Swedish souvenir walk in’s. You could really spend a whole day perusing it’s beautiful streets. Not to mention all of the tempting cafe’s and restaurants that compliment the street as well.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to spend money or just window shop and admire a beautifully styled location, Haga is a definite must when visiting Gothenburg.

Although our time was limited whilst visiting this sea surrounded city. The experiences that were had were satisfyingly memorable.

Gothenburg boasts itself with endless shopping and food options, beautiful sites – both natural and man made. It has easily convenient transportation throughout its metropolitan as well. The locals were friendly and approachable and it was easy to get around the city, even as an English speaker who’s Swedish was minimal.

Overall this city has a lot to offer its visitors, whether your budget is small or large, there is plenty to do and appreciate.

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